shield-1313679_1280Although the number of smokers is very high in the whole world, more and more people are being aware of the various dangers and problems which arise due to smoking. Therefore, many smokers decide to quit smoking for good and start their efforts in that direction.However, it is noticed that many such smokers fail to quit this habit for long and they revert back to smoking soon after they quit. Quitting smoking can be easy and difficult depending on a few things such as how many cigarettes you are smoking or on the reasons behind your smoking. It will be difficult for a chain smoker to quit smoking compared to a person who only smokes once daily. For those people who want to quit smoking permanently, there are some tips that are given below, which can be useful to quit this dangerous habit.

Tips for quitting smoking

  • You have to decide a date by which you will stop smoking. Giving yourself a target date makes you work harder to achieve your goal before that date. Remove all the traces of smoking from your home and then start your challenge to quit smoking.
  • You can also try various medications which your doctor will have to prescribe for you which will help you to quit smoking.
  • You can use the nicotine replacements such as nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum which will help you get the nicotine your body craves, without smoking.quitting_smoking
  • Inform your friends and family members that you are trying to quit smoking. This way they can look out if you try to start smoking again.
  • Avoid those friends and family members who are smokers so that you won’t be tempted to smoke again, instead, try to spend more time with non-smoker friends and family members.
  • Try and eat something healthy when you crave a cigarette, this way your body will recognize the cravings early on and you will eat healthy food.
  • Avoid those friends who are alcoholics or who drink regularly as those who drink alcohol, are prone to be smokers too.
  • If you crave a smoke after your dinner, then try to eat some small dessert like ice cream or chocolate so that you will forget to smoke.
  • Make yourself busy with a new hobby or something constructive so that you will not be reminded again and again that you want to smoke.
  • If you can’t quit smoking completely, then you should start with reducing the number of cigarettes and gradually stop smoking completely.
  • If you feel that being at some place or with someone makes you crave a smoke, then try to get out from that place or situation immediately so that you will not give in to the temptation.arabs-618308_1280

There are many ways which you can try if you seriously want to quit smoking, but ultimately it is your control over your mind and body that will help you succeed in your mission. You have to remain strong and committed towards your goal of quitting smoking and you will be successful in achieving your target.